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taxiI had been to a club with my friend Sally. We are both married, attractive and unfaithful, though our husbands know what we are like and encourage us. We had been to a black bar in South London, I always go commando and I was dress in a leather min skirt, tight low cut blouse, hold ups and thigh length leather boots, and Sally was dressed in a similar way. We had had a good night Sally had been taken home by a guy and I had been fucked in a back room by two young West Indian guys, they had kept my bra as a trophy.I asked if the bar had a reliable taxi company, they rang a company and it arrived after fifteen minutes. I got into the front seat and the driver was sex on legs; tall, muscular and very good looking. As I sat down my skirt rose to reveal my stockings and I did nothing to cover myself. He was very flirty and looking at my legs and tits which were quite obvious as I had undone a couple of buttons. As I looked at his bingöl escort body I looked at a growing bulge in his trousers and decided I wanted him to fuck me, I turned the conversation to a more sexual content, saying you have very large hands, are you large everywhere? He smiled and said oh yes Hun, too big for most and I said that nothing was ever too big, and I started stroking his legs, and he put his hand up my skirt and found out I was smooth and knickerless, and he said you are a dirty bitch aren't you?He pulled up into a car park and switched the engine off and lent across kissed me pulled my blouse open taking most of the buttons onto the floor, he started to maul and bite my tits, and my skirt was round my waist as he was fingering me and I came and screamed as I did so. You like rough then white bitch and I told him yes. I was then pulled over to bus side and gave him a deep throat he was bitlis escort very big around eleven inches, after a bit I was told to take my skirt and blouse off and get out of the car and go to the front of the car. I did so and he came round and told me to bend over and he went straight into my pussy and started to pound into me he big balls banging against me, he was pulling on my hair and riding me, then he started to finger my arse, and lub me, him then pulled out of my pussy and started to slowly enter my arse hole, he soon was fully inside, I was shouting you are too big and he just told me to shut the fuck up, and you will take what I tell you, you white slut trash.he was soon fucking my arse hard and I was coming hard. I felt him tense and empty his load inside me and pulling out at the end and coming over my back and arse.He slapped my arse a few times and told me to turn over, which I did and çanakkale escort was still hard, he put my legs on his shoulders and started to fuck me again I was so wet and horny. He lent over kissed my tits and bite them and my nipples kissed me and bit my neck, you want it hard whore! yes I said then slapped my face and said beg for it and I begged him to take me hard and rough. The next twenty minutes was some of the best and roughest sex I have had, when he finally came he shot buckets inside me and over my face, hair and tits. He pulled out told me to lick his cock and balls clean. He kissed me, then kissed down my neck leaving some bite marks, onto my tits and left four big bites. He told me to get dressed. I put my skirt on and my blouse only had one button left. He drove me home made me give him a blow job outside the house and then showed me some of the photos he took of us fucking. He told me to leave my blouse with him and I then had to run into house. I got into bed, after having had a shower, I counted four neck bites, five bits on each tit, my nipples rock hard and bites around my pussy. I got I to bed around 3am, husband was asleep. I woke in the morning dreaming of the taxi drivers cock
10-10-2021, at 12:19 AM

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