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Home Again

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Home AgainHome Againby Ann DouglasA.C. Delaney stared up at the tree that hadbeen the bane of his teenage years. Not many blocksin this part of Brooklyn had trees like this, so a lot ofactivities had circulated around it. It was home basefor playing hide and seek. It was the place you allhung out under on a hot summer day. Mostimportantly, it was the site of "the dare". Ten yearsago at the age of twelve, that had been the focus ofthe most terrifying moment of his young life. Thatwas the day he'd completed one of the neighborhoodrites of passage and had climbed to the top of theold oak tree.Funny, the tree didn't seem so imposingnow. Then again, the last decade had seen him gofrom a skinny 110 pound teenager to a six foot 190pound adult. He'd discovered a passion for baseballin high school and long hours practicing with hisfather had transformed him into a starting firstbaseman both in high school then later at State . Sports had only been a means to an end however, a way out of the old neighborhood. Thedegree in business he'd earned last year had been hishighest priority. For a while it looked like it wasgoing to be a hard decision turning down the offerto turn pro, but a leg injury his senior year took thatdecision out of his hands. In a way he was glad thatfate had intervened, it meant he'd never have to lookback with regret.A group of teenagers were playing stickball,using the manhole covers as bases. It seemed like ahundred years since he'd played that game."Hey mister, the ball!" one of the k**s yelledas the rubber ball bounced in front of him.In a quick motion he caught the ball on thefirst hop and tossed it back to the batter. The actionhad been instinctive. A smile came to his lips as hethought some things you never forgot.Watching the game for another ten minutes,A.C. was glad he decided to spend an extra dayhere. After he came home for his father's funeralover a year ago, he decided that there was nevergoing to be a reason to again walk these streets. But Arthur Charles Delaney Sr. had been buriedover sixteen months before and it was only now thatthe lawyers had finally settled his estate. He'd comeall the way up from Florida just to close on the saleof his families house. He could've just left it all tothe lawyers, but he felt it was something he owed tohis dad to see done personally.The block held so many memories. His ownhouse was down on the corner. On the other end ofthe block was Jerry Wilson's house. He and Jerryhad gone off to State together. A grin filled his faceas he looked at a second floor window across thestreet from the tree and remembered when it wasJenny Wilson's bedroom. How long ago was that night he and JoshAustin were using Josh's new telescope to look atthe moon. They accidentally turned it right intoJenny's room - just when she was getting dressedfor bed. They couldn't have been more than 13 or 14at the time. Jenny had been one of the firstneighborhood girls to develop breasts and that hadbeen the first time A.C. had seen a topless girl inanything other than a magazine. He laughed softlyas he remembered how angry Josh had been causehe waited so long to give him a turn that Josh onlygot a brief glimpse.A few years later A.C. got repeatedopportunities to examine those breasts more closely.He dated Jenny all through high school as his ownbody developed into that of an athlete. She was thefirst girl who ever gave him a blow job and on thenight of the senior prom they traded cherries. Things went downhill between them after that whenthey went to separate school. Last he heard, shewas married and already had two k**s. Thinking of Jenny made him think of herolder sister Karen, or as most of the boys thought ofher "Kleenex Karen." Two years older than Jenny,she was nowhere near as developed as her littlesister. In fact, she really never passed an A cup. Talk about mixed genes.Anyway, Karen's solution was to stuff anoversized bra with tissues. Not the most original ofsolutions but one that was time honored. Theproblem was that she wasn't satisfied with just givingherself a slight improvement. No, she had to be aswell endowed as Jenny. It became a big joke amongeveryone in school as she always denied it. Finallysomeone decided to settle the matter. One day during her senior year SallyJohnson bumped into her and stuck a inch and a halfstraight pin into her left breast. By the time theafternoon bell rang, almost everyone in school hadheard about it. Jenny had told him that when Karenfound the pin that night she was furious, but she'dnever mentioned it to anyone else. She just went onas she was and made believe that it had neverhappened. Rather than go to college, Karen hadused her savings to get a boob job and now workedas a receptionist somewhere in the city."I should get something to eat." A.C. said tohimself as he realized that he'd skipped bothbreakfast and lunch. "Might as well make the daycomplete and have dinner up at Mario's"Mario's was the diner on the corner. Callingit a diner used to be a charity when A.C. wasyounger. The food sometimes bordered on theinedible. But it was a neighborhood classic and hadbeen there since his father had been a teenager. Generations had brought their dates there after themovies or some other activity. That, A.C. knew wasdue more to the big dark booths in the back of therestaurant than the dinner fare. "Who am I to argue with tradition." hefinally concluded as he began to walk up the block.It came as a surprise to find that the dinerwas closed. He couldn't ever remember a day ithadn't been open. In fact, it look like it hadn't beenopened in months. Then he noticed a small notice inthe window. It looked to be well worn but he couldstill make out the words Department of Health."Why am I not surprised." the sandy hairedyoung man chuckled. "I hope the deli over onWilson is still open.""You weren't really planning to have dinnerthere were you?" asked a female voice from behindA.C.The voice was very familiar and A.C. turnedwith a smile on his face."Hi Mrs. Austin." he grinned.The woman in front of him was in her mid40's, about 5'7" and weighed in at 152 lbs. Veryattractive for her age, she had dirty blonde hair cutshort and carefully styled. A full figured woman, herweight was pretty evenly distributed across her bodyas to give her a full bodied figure. The most strikingfeature of which was a set of 38D breasts. "Hi Mrs. Austin..." the short blonde hairedwoman repeated. "That's the way you say hello? Isthat what they taught you up in that fancy school?"With that, A.C. practically picked up thesmaller woman and gave her a hug and affectionatekiss on the cheek."That's better." Mary Austin said. "Andwhat's with this Mrs. Austin crap. You're an adultnow, you can call me Mary.""Okay Mary." A.C. said, feeling verystrange to have her first name come from his lipsafter a lifetime of referring to her as Mrs. Austin."My, you have filled out." the 45 year oldnoted as she took a good look at her son's friend. "And I know you didn't get that way eating at placeslike this.""Well, I was hungry and...""And you couldn't take five minutes to stopby the house." Mary interrupted.A.C. considered lying for a moment, sayingthat he'd rang the bell but got no answer. After all,she had obviously been out shopping and hadn't beenhome. Then he thought better of the idea. Maryhad known him since he was 6 years old and alwaysknew when he'd been lying."I'm sorry.." he said."And well you should be, I know your fatherraised you better than that." Mary replied."Can I make it up to you with dinner?" A.C.said, displaying the charm that worked his way intodozens of beds back in college."Only if I make it." Mary answered, ignoringhis obvious charms. "What would Josh say if I letyou go without bringing you home for dinner. Iknow he'd love to see you.""OK, you win." A.C. surrendered. Actuallythe idea of seeing Josh again seemed like a prettygood idea. In fact, just seeing Mrs. Austin againmade him feel pretty good."That's settled then." Mary grinnedtriumphantly. "Now make yourself useful and takesome of these packages.""Yes Mam....err Mary." he quicklycorrected himself as he picked up the two largestbundles. Half an hour later, sitting at the kitchen tableof the Austin Household, A.C. could honestly say hewas enjoying myself. How many dinners had he hadat this very table. Mary Austin had been like asecond mother to him. He probably spent more timein this house as a c***d than his own. Lost inthought he didn't hear the phone ring at first."Could you answer that, A.C.?" Mary askedas she stirred a boiling pot."Sure." A.C. said as he got to his feet andreached for the wall phone."Josh!" A.C. said excitedly as he recognizedthe voice on the phone, "How are you?" It took Josh Austin a few moments to realizewho he was talking to, then his voice became just asexcited."What are you doing there?" his old friendasked.A.C. explained why he'd come back to NewYork and how he'd run into Josh's mother."Your Mom invited me to have dinner," hesaid. "Actually it was more like a command." helaughed."That's my Mom." Josh laughed back."So when you gonna be home, pal?" A.C.asked. "Your Mom's making enough food to putanother ten pounds on me.""Shit, this timing sucks." Josh lamented."I'm stuck at work, we have to redo a magazinelayout from scratch. I'm gonna be here all night.""Damn, that does suck." A.C. agreed. "Iwas really hoping to catch up a little.""Better let me talk to my Mom so I canexplain it.""OK buddy." he replied as he handed off thephone.The conversion between Josh and Mary wasbrief. She listened for a few minutes and then simplysaid. "All right honey, take care of business and I'llsee you in the morning." "Well looks like it's just you and me k**." Mary said as she hung up the phone."What about Dawn Marie?" A.C. asked."Dawn Marie moved out and in with herboyfriend the day after she turned 18." Mary said ina tone that said that it wasn't a subject fordiscussion."Two it is." A.C. said as he opened a cabinetand took out table settings for two.As he laid out the dishes and utensils, A.C.looked into the living room to see if the pictures of ayounger Dawn Marie were still on the wall. Theywere. Whatever had happened between her and hermother hadn't gone that far.Dawn Marie Austin had been another ofthose early bloomers. By the time she was 14 she'dput Jenny Wilson to shame. By the time she was 16she'd lost her virginity in a big way. Every guy inthe neighborhood was trying to get into her pantsand more than a few succeeded. If A.C. was totallyhonest with himself, he admitted that if he wasyounger and Dawn wasn't Josh's sister - he'd want tofuck her too. "Dinners served." Mary said as she carriedtwo full dishes to the table.The meal was as good as A.C. rememberedmeals at the Austin's to be. It was only the absenceof familiar faces from around the table that madehim a little sad."Something the matter?" Mary asked as shenoticed the look on his face."I was just thinking that I'm sorry I wasn'table to be here when Mr. Austin.... I mean.""That's all right A.C.," Mary said in anunderstanding tone. "We all knew how hard it wason you when your own Dad died. No one wanted tosee you go thought all that again so soon.""Still, maybe I should've.....""I'm not going to hear anymore of that,Arthur!" Mary said in a strong tone. The fact thatshe called him Arthur instead of A.C. produced amore serious reaction than the tone. A.C. closed his mouth without finishing thesentence."Besides, you did send that beautiful lettersaying how much the time you spent in this housestill meant to you. I really loved that letter, it mademe think of much happier days.""It wasn't enough, just words." said A.C."Sometimes just words can mean a greatdeal. I saved that letter you know, I keep it in mynight table. I've read it many times."The rest of the conversation was confined tomore mundane topics. How did he like where helived. Was he seeing anyone? Why not?"That was a great meal, better than I've hadin a long time." A.C. said as he put down his forkfor the last time. "I couldn't eat another bite." "Well it's nice to hear someone say that for achange." Mary beamed. A.C. remembered that Josh wasn't known fornoticing the little things his mother did for him. Things like cooking his meals, cleaning his clothes,cleaning his room and basically being therewhenever he came up short of cash. Which in Josh'scase happened quite often."I really hate to eat and run, but I still haveto get a motel room for the night." A.C. apologized. "My flight doesn't get take off until tomorrowafternoon and I don't have a place to sleep.""Motel room indeed, not when I have twoempty bedrooms upstairs." Mary cut him off. "Nowyou go out to that rental car of yours and get yourbag. You can use Josh's room and hopefully he'll behome in time for the two of you to have breakfasttogether."Sixteen years of dealing with Mrs. Austintold him this was another argument he was going toloose. All things considered, a comfortable bed andthe prospect of one of Mary's breakfasts didn't seemlike a bad consolation prize. He thanked her andwent out to get his bag."You know were the room is." Mary calledout from the kitchen as he came back into the house. "Unpack your stuff while I put these dishes in thewasher."Josh's room was immaculate, somethingwhich surprised A.C. They'd gone away togetheronce his first year in college and by the time theweek was over, Josh's half of the room looked like aflop house. If he ever decided to marry thatgirlfriend he was always mentioning in his letters, hewas in for a big awakening. A.C. was sure shewasn't the type to pick up after him like his Mom."Hmm, I wonder." A.C. said as he slid thetop draw of Josh's desk all the way out and lookedat the small space beneath it.Hidden there were copies of Hustler, HighSociety and Playboy. Some things never changed hethought as he laughed. That was a great advantageof having his own apartment, he didn't have to hidesuch things if he wanted them.A.C. took the time to change into acomfortable pair of shorts and a T-shirt. No sensesitting around the rest of the night in a shirt and tie. "It's going to be a hot night." Mary said ashe walked back into the kitchen. "There's a goodmovie on HBO and I've already turned up the airconditioner so we can relax and enjoy it.""Sounds great." A.C. said. "Any popcorn?" he asked, remembering all the movie nights they'dshared over the years."Of course, what would a movie be withoutit." Mary said as she held up a microwave popcornbag.Back when they were k**s they'd took turnsmaking Jiffy-Pop Popcorn on the range top. Ohwell, the price of progress.They watched the end of some silly comedyand chatted some more. A.C. was really enjoyinghimself. This was what he missed in his life, justhaving someone to talk to."I'm going to get some wine before themovie starts." Mary said as she got up, "Can I getyou anything?""Wine would be fine." A.C. said,remembering the tongue lashing the first time Maryhad caught Josh and him after they'd had a few cansof beer. He guessed he really was an adult after all. Mary came back fifteen minutes later with abottle of wine and two glasses. She'd also taken theopportunity to change into a more comfortableoutfit. She had discarded the dress she'd beenwearing and now wore a oversized T-shirt whichstretched down to just above her knees. In the coolair conditioned environment her thick nipples wereclearly evident beneath the thin material.Taking a seat next to Mary on the couch,A.C. kept sneaking peaks at those erect nipples. Unbidden, the memories of the night he had gotten avery good look at the bountiful breasts beneath filledhis mind.It was July 7th, 1990, a night he wouldalways remember. Josh, Jerry Wilson and he werecamping out in the backyard of Josh's house. Closeto midnight, nature called and A.C. went back in thehouse to answer.The first floor bathroom was being fixed sohe had to use the one up on the second floor. Oncehe got up there, he heard sounds he couldn't identifycoming from Dawn's room. Curious, since Josh hadtold him his little sister was spending the week attheir grandmother's, A.C. quietly walked down thehall.It wasn't until he got to the door of her roomthat he realized that the noise was coming from theopen door next to Dawn's. Silently, the 16 year oldinched along the door and peeked in from the darkcorridor.The lights in the room were off but there wasmore than enough illumination from the streetlightsoutside for A.C. to get the surprise of his young life. Mr. Austin was laying on the bed, his handsinterlocked behind his head. He was totally nakedand for the first time, A.C. saw an adult erect cock.Not that this milestone ever entered hismind. Because at that moment, Jim Austin's cockwas buried in the mouth of his equally naked wife. A.C. stood mesmerized as he watched Mary Austin'shead bob up and down as she performed a sexual acthe had only heard the older guys make jokes about. Bouncing, as she moved, were breasts larger thanthe boy had seen in the Playboy magazines his olderbrother sometimes let him borrow. "Shit!" A.C. said under his breath as hecarefully retraced his steps, fearful that they wouldhear him. His young heart had been racing like atriphammer and even his breathing seemedexceptionally loud. The temptation to remain almost overrodehis fear of discovery, but good sense finallyprevailed. As he tip toed back towards thebathroom, A.C. realized that he had a first classhard-on. He'd have to do something about thatbefore he went back to his friends. The last thing heever wanted them to think was that he got thaterection from laying next to one of them.Sitting in the bathroom with his pants downaround his ankles, A.C. began to gently stroke hiscock. Fully erect it wasn't anywhere as large as Mr.Austin's, but then again he still had a lot of growingto do. Gently, slowly, he ran his hand up and downhis full six inches. It felt so good. Closing his eyes heimaged what it would be like if he could changeplaces with Jim Austin. What would it be like tohave a woman suck his cock.A.C. began to pump furiously as heimagined Mary rubbing those big boobs against hiscock. He could almost feel the warmth of her skinagainst his and the even greater heat of her mouthon his boyhood. Already he could feel a familiarfire growing in his balls. The teen was oblivious tohis surroundings. In his imagination, he was layingin that bed with Mary. A.C.'s cock was as hard as it had everbeen, his hand a blur of motion. His body wasjerking up and down so fast he was bouncing on thetoilet seat. Moments later he felt the first surge ofhis orgasm race up the length of his boyhood andexplode into the night air. His cock erupted againand again. Each stroke, sending white dropletss**ttering in every direction. He had to bitedown on his lip to keep from shouting with joy. Hehad never felt so good before. Finally, his eruptions subsided until only asmall pearl of white appeared at the tip of his cock inresponse to his continued pumping. He could feel asoftness growing in his hand and knew he was done.It had felt so very good. That A.C. had just jerkedoff to the naked image of his best friend's mothernever entered his mind. At least not at this moment.It took a few minutes for A.C. to clean upthe mess on the floor tiles. It wouldn't do for themto find cum spots in the morning. When he steppedback out of the bathroom, he could hear the soundof the bed creaking from down the hall and it didn'ttake much imagination for him to know that it wasn'tfrom the two of them playing leapfrog on the bed.The familiar HBO fanfare brought A.C. backfrom his little trip down memory lane. No doubtabout it, even with the perspective of hindsight, thathad been one of the most erotic moments of his life. He smiled at Mary as she glanced in his direction. Image her reaction if she had any idea what he wasthinking.The movie turned out to be "Disclosure"with Demi Moore and Michael Douglas. A.C. hadnever seen it before but he'd heard about it. When the film got to the part were DemiMoore's character was seducing Michael Douglas's,A.C. looked down and noticed that he was onceagain getting a major erection. Then again, whatnormal guy could watch Demi Moore give a blowjob, however simulated, and not have a reaction. A.C. carefully lifted the large half emptybowl of popcorn off the table and put it on his lap,strategically covering a potential embarrassment.Out a the corner of his eye he was glad to see thatMary hadn't noticed. "Interesting movie, isn't it." Marycommented as she reached into the bowl andgrabbed an handful of popcorn."Yeah, it is." A.C. said, trying to ignore thefact that only the plastic bowl separated Mary's handfrom his hard cock. "Personally, I think she'd too perfect." Marywent on as she scooped some of the popcorn intoher mouth. "It's like what a lot of people used to sayabout Barbie dolls. That they gave little girls anegative image of themselves because most of themwere never going to grow up and have that perfectbody."Mary paused as she took a little wine towash down the popcorn. All the time her eyes neverleft the television screen where Demi was nowfucking Michael."Also she creates a bad image for guys too." she went on. "A young man spends all his timelooking for Miss Perfect Body when someone wholoves them and would spend the rest of their lifemaking him happy could be right under their nose. What do you think she'd look like if she didn't have asmall army of personal trainers taking care of her?""I guess I never really thought of it thatway." A.C. said."Well it's something that you should keep inmind." Mary said, turning her head away from themovie and looking right at A.C.. "I'll bet you'vepassed up a dozen girls who were interested in youbecause you didn't think they were perfect enough?""Well I wouldn't say a dozen." A.C. said,caught off guard as he wondered where this sudden conversation was going."I'm not trying to accuse you of anything,A.C." she said as she smiled. "It's just somethingI've become increasingly aware of lately. Thatpeople sometimes sell themselves and other peopleshort because they don't think they are attractiveenough.""I don't understand." A.C. replied, morethan a little confused."I guess it's just an old lady's ramblings." Mary said as she finished her wine."You're far from old." A.C. said. "Well there are times that I feel that way." Mary replied.A.C. put his own glass of wine down on thetable and looked into Mary's face. It was obviousthat something was bothering her."Mary, is there something that you'd like totalk about. Something that you might not feel likediscussing with your friends that live around here. Ifso, I'm all ears.""You'd find it very boring." "As if you didn't find a lot of the talks wehad while I was growing up a little boring." hegrinned.Mary took a deep breath and picked up theremote control. With a flick of her finger she turnedoff the television."I hope you don't mind," she said. "But ifwe're going to talk I'd rather it be without thedistraction.""Sure, they'll run the movie a dozen moretimes this month anyway." A.C. said.Mary took a few moments to collect herthoughts. The in a quiet tone she began."You know I was quite young when Imarried Mr. Austin." she began. "I hadn't eventurned 18 yet."A.C. knew they'd been married a long timebut he didn't know she'd been married that young. He also knew that Josh's father was ten years olderthan his mother."I wasn't pregnant or anything, if that's whatyour thinking." she went on. "It's just that I had avery rough life up to that point. Both my parentsdied before I was even in my teens and I spent agood number of years being passed from relative torelative. I had a really poor self image back then asyou might imagine. So when an older man like Jimtook an interest in me, I was totally overwhelmed. He was good looking, successful and could havealmost any woman he wanted. It wasn't because Iwas so young either. If he wanted it, I would've justbeen his lover, he didn't have to marry me. In fact,you might find this hard to believe, but I was still avirgin going to our marriage bed."If A.C. was ever certain about anythingduring the years he spent in this house as an almostadopted son, it was that Mary and Jim Austin hadbeen very deeply in love with each other right up tothe day he died."You must miss him very much." was all hecould think to say."Yes, I do." she answered. "But I knowthat Jim would be the first one to say that life goeson and in fact during his last months he made mepromise that I'd find someone new to love. He didn'twant me wearing widow's weeds for the rest of mylife.""I'm sure there are lots of men you'd want totake you out." A.C. commented."Oh there have been lots of offers." Maryquickly replied. "But I've turned them all down.""Why?" A.C. asked."Because, as silly as it sounds, I find myselfat 45 turning back into that scared little teenage girlI once was." she said quickly, as if she had to forcethe words out.A quiet pause hung in the air, and Marycould tell that A.C. didn't understand."Do you remember what it was like the firsttime you went to bed with a girl?" she asked. "JennyWilson from cross the street, wasn't it?""How you'd know?" A.C. asked in surprise. "You'd be amazed at the things I've knownover the years." Mary grinned. "Sometimes I canbe very observant. But I'm digressing. Do youremember how you felt the first time you knew youwere going to go all the way. How scared youwere, whatever public image you portrayed, thatJenny might find you lacking in some way?"Thinking back, A.C. remembered that wasexactly how he had felt."But that was when I was a k**." he said, asif the few years in between then and now had been alifetime. "I don't feel that way now.""You don't, but I do." Mary replied. "Maybe it's because I've never had another lover inmy life. I don't know. Maybe because even after allthese years I've had this secret suspicion that I was alousy lover but Jim would never tell me so.""That's nonsense, I saw you......" A.C.started to blurt out without thinking and thenrealized what he had said. "You saw me what?" Mary asked, now itwas her turn to be confused.With a sheepish grin, A.C. confessed hishaving seen her and Jim that night he had slept over. He left out the part about him jacking off afterwardsand all the times he had masturbated off to hermental image, even after he'd had visions of youngerwomen to replace it."Oh my." Mary said, a slight tinge ofembarrassment coloring her face for a moment. "Hey, it was a long time ago." A.C.interjected. "But believe me, from what little I saw, Ican honestly say that you weren't a lousy lover.""Even if I accept what you say as true, it wasa long time ago." Mary suggested. "Even with Jim,we stopped being intimate a year after that when hefirst got sick."A.C. just stared. No matter what he said, theidea that she was undesirable was so rooted in hermind that words were never going to shake it."Mary, do you know that I grew up with youas my fantasy lover." he blurted out, exaggeratingthe truth just a little."Me?" she responded."That's right." he continued. "I don't knowhow many nights I wished that I was older so thatwe could be lovers for real. So if you could havethat much of an effect on me, how could you beanything but desirable.""But I was younger then..." she shot back,unwilling to give up her belief."I don't feel any differently now." A.C.replied. "I think you're just as attractive now as youwere back then. Maybe that's why I haven't foundanyone yet. I'm not looking for a Demi or Barbie,I'm looking for another you."A.C. let out a deep breath. He was talkingwithout thinking, and he was walking in a verydangerous mine field.Mary sat silent for long moments as theonly sound in the room was the ticking of theclock on the wall and the beating of their hearts. A.C. could feel beads of sweat on his neck thatbegan to run down his back. What had he said?Mary finally smiled and reached out andtook his hand in hers. Her grip was firm butgentle. Her voice, when she spoke, was gentleand soft."You know A.C., when you and Josh wereyounger, I sometimes wished that you were reallymy son. I couldn't have cared more for you if youwere though. Right now, at this moment, I'm gladyou're not. Because if you were, I could never saywhat I think I'm about to.A.C. could feel a slight tremble in herhand, a tremble that could be reflected in the pit ofhis own stomach."Take me to bed, A.C." she finally asked. "Be my lover for tonight. Just tonight, I'm notthat foolish to think there would ever be anythingbeyond that. But just for this moment in time,help me remember what it's like to love and beloved.""Oh God!" A.C. thought as he looked atthe sincerity in her eyes. "What have I done?"The ticks of the clock on the wall seemedto stretch to minutes instead of seconds as hecarefully considered his response. If Mary werejust some woman he met in a bar, twice his age ornot, he'd have no problem taking her to bed andforgetting about it tomorrow. But she wasn't justsome woman, she was Josh's mother. She was theclosest thing he'd ever had to having his ownmother. He couldn't do something like this."A.C.?" Mary softly asked.He knew she wanted an answer. He ranthe words over in his mind one more time. Thatthe two of them would almost be like i****t. Yes,that was the track to take. Despite all hisboyhood fantasies, they were almost family. Didn't he read once somewhere where a lot ofguys had sexual fantasies about their mothers. Asecond voice told him that he was being silly, nomatter what he thought, they weren't related. Shewasn't his mother. Finally, a new question poppedinto his head. Why was it that the idea ofspending the night in Mary's bed didn't seem asbad an idea as it did just a few minutes ago. Could it be that without admitting it to himself allthese years, it was what he really wanted tohappen?"Mary. All my life, I've thought of youalmost as if you were my mother." he began as hegently took her other hand in his. "But right now,for the first time I can remember, I'm glad toknow that you're not. Because if you were mymother for real, I wouldn't be able to do ... this...."The tall young man leaned forward andkissed Mary on the lips with as much desire as hehad felt towards any woman. It was definitely notthe kiss of a son.Surprised for a moment by the kiss, Maryhad only the slightest hesitation before sheresponded in kind. A.C. in turn was startled tofind Mary's tongue pressing between his lips buthappy to open them enough to permit it's passage. He felt Mary take his left hand and slide it up andunder her shirt, placing the flesh of hisoutstretched palm against that of her naked andample breast.A bridge had been crossed. A decisionmade. Whatever the morning dawn brought,neither of them would regret it. The interplay of tongues between themwas electric as two sets of hands explored eachothers body. The soft flesh beneath Mary's shirtseemed on fire as A.C. played with her bounty. His thumbs pressed against her nipples, marvelingat their size as he imagined how nice they weregoing to feel in his mouth.Unable to wait any longer, A.C. grabbedthe side of Mary's shirt and pulled it upward,exposing one of the white globes to the cool airconditioned air. Mary's breast was capped withone of the widest areolas he'd ever seen, over twoinches across. In the center was a long thicknipple as large as that on a baby bottle. "You are so beautiful." A.C. exclaimed ashe planted a soft kiss on the top of Mary'sexposed globe.A loud sign erupted from Mary as she feltthe wetness engulf her mound. It'd been so longsince she'd known any touch other than her own.She closed her eyes and savored the sensation.As A.C. made no effort to quickly exposeher other breast, it was obvious that he was goingto take his time. His tongue darted to and fro,tracing wide circles around the large nipple. Thenhe would tickle it directly before taking it wholeinto his eager mouth once again. Like a babe seeking nourishment, theyounger man nurtured at the source ofmotherhood. Each movement of his tongue, eachnip of his teeth, send long absent sensationsthough Mary's reclining form. "Oh, this feels good." Mary moaned asshe laid back with her eyes closed and just enjoyedthe feel of A.C.'s attentions.A few minutes later, A.C. finally exposedher other ample breast and repeated hisperformance. The result of which was to sendMary further into a blissful state.Again and again he covering her flesh withhis warm mouth, leaving a trail of warm saliva. A.C. buried his face in the valley between herbreasts and drank deeply of the mixture ofperfume and sweat. It was an inebriating aroma. Her eyes still closed, Mary ran her handsacross the back of her young lovers head, guidinghis tongue to her most sensitive areas. Lifting his head, Mary pulled her shirtcompletely off. With a wide smile on her face thenow topless woman eased A.C. back onto the sofacushion. Duplicating his own actions, she slid hisown shirt up over his chest, exposing a welldeveloped set of pecs and apps. She leaned over and kissed him lightly. Continuing downward, she kissed each of hisnipples and gave them a playful lick as well. A.C.had never considered his own nipples as a sexualarea before. It was an idea he would have to lookat more in the future. Right now, Mary had amore immediate goal. Kissing her way downacross his flat stomach, the blonde paused at theelastic waistband of his shorts and pulled themdown, taking his boxers with them. To her delight, his hard cock sprang free,bouncing in the open air. A.C.'s cock had grownconsiderable during his late teen growth spurt. Fully erect it stood almost eight inches and was asthick if not thicker than her husbands. "Now that is beauty." she said as shetraced her outstretched finger along it's length. Mary continued to play with A.C.'s cock,cupping his balls in her hand as she ran her otherhand up and down it's measure. Closing herfingers a little tighter she could feel the power ofhis young manhood.Leaning forward, Mary tongued the tip ofhis cock, licking the drop of pre-cum that hadformed there. A.C. thought he would exploderight there and then. He closed his eyes as hertongue ran down the length of his shaft andswirled around his balls. He couldn't wait for thathot, wet sensation when her mouth could closeover his aching cock.Taking her time, Mary sucked on his balls,then moved her way back up his shaft. Then in afluid motion she engulfed the length of his cock,sliding his young meat all the way down herthroat. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowedit again. She could feel the heat in his balls, sheknew it wouldn't take many strokes before shewas rewarded with a steady stream of hot cream."Oh God.....Oh God!...." A.C. gasped ashe tried to hold back. It was a one side contest. Mary had almost three decades of practice behindher, she played his cock and balls like a musicalinstrument. "I'm gonna come...." He managed to gasp,seconds before bursts of salty cum erupted intoher mouth.As soon as she felt the first drops, Marydeep throated his cock and swallowed theseemingly endless stream as fast as it came. She'dalways like the taste of her husbands cum, but wasglad to learn that A.C.'s had its own special taste.With a slight reluctance, Mary let thesemi-hard cock slip from her mouth. A strangethought filled her head. It was like riding a bike,how easily it all came back to her once she gotstarted. A.C. was still speechless, the enormity ofwhat had happen was still sinking in. Extendingtwo fingers of her hand, Mary wiped a smallstream of whiteness that had dripped from hermouth. Running her tongue across her fingers shelicked them clean."That, was the best." A.C. said as hefinally found his voice. "I really mean that."He sat up and kissed her, tasting his ownejaculation on her tongue. Usually, this turnedhim off like a sudden cold shower. This time hefound it highly erotic. "Now it's my turn." A.C. grinned as he sliddown to the carpeted floor.Following A.C. instructions, Mary slid offher shorts and panties and spread her legs. A.C.'seyes opened wide as he looked up at the hairiestbush he had ever seen. Mary's entire crotch wascovered with long blonde hair. All of the womenthe young man had been with before had trimmedtheir hair. Like the kiss, he also found this to beerotic.A.C. reached out between Mary's legs andtraced the outline of her light colored mound withhis finger. He moved to the center of her moundand rubbed back and forth against it. As his fingerbecame lubricated by the wetness there, heslowing slid it between the folds. A soft gaspescaped Mary's lips as A.C. slid the finger in andout, again and again.After a few minutes, A.C. replaced hisfingers with his tongue. An action that met withlouder moans of approval from Mary. "Oh God yes!" Mary exclaimed at thetouch of his tongue against her valley. Mary leaned back on the couch and spreadher legs even wider, inviting A.C. to further takeof her delights. He kissed left and right of hertreasure, before spreading Mary?s moist lips withhis fingers to exposed the excited clit within. A loud sudden cry escaped Mary?s lips asA.C. made contact with her love button. Countless nights of practice on a steady stream ofwilling coeds proved their worth as A.C.demonstrated his skill as a first class pussy licker. Raising one of her legs atop the back of thecouch, the 45 year old rolled her head back andclosed her eyes, loosing herself in the warmsensations radiating out from her sexual center.Mary?s cunt grew wetter and wetter witheach passage of her younger lover?s tongue. Heagain slid a finger inside her, adding it?s motion tothe rhythm he?d established. Faster and faster,moved both appendages, saturating thesurrounding blonde hair with a sticky nectar. Andwith each repetition, both the waves of delight andresounding cries that accompanied them increasedas well.?Oh yes,? Mary yelled. ?Lick my pussy,you?ve gotten it wet. I want to cum!?It wasn?t long before she got her wish asshe felt her body tense up and eruption of fireexplode between her legs. Cascading waves ofpassion ripped through her quaking form as thebyproducts of her eruption trickled onto A.C.?sface. Ever since the night he had first suckedJenny's pussy, A.C. had loved the taste of awoman?s juices. He eagerly lapped up as much ashe could.The oscillating surf that gripped her hadbarely crested before Mary quickly shifted into anupright position and pulled A.C. to her. Shekissed him hard, enjoying the tasting of her ownfruit in his mouth. Again and again she kissedhim, alternating those deep soul kisses with oneson his cheeks. Kisses that cleared the stickyresidue that covered his cheeks. ?I want you inside me.? she panted inbetween kisses. ?I want your cock in my pussy!? she said in a much louder voice. It wouldn't be until the next day when hewas a thousand miles away that A.C. wouldrealize how much he had been turned on justhearing Mary talk like that. Her words were rightout of his teenage masturbation fantasies.A.C. took hold of his cock and guided it tothe entrance of Mary's pussy. He rubbed it up anddown against her wetness a few times, coveringhis hardness with lubricant. Mary reached downand closed her fingers around his cock and helped guide him into her, not that he needed it. Mary letout a small gasp as she felt his cockhead pushaside the outer walls of her pussy. It'd been quitea long time since she'd felt something warm andalive inside of her. A.C. echoed the soft moans ashe felt those walls wrap around his hard flesh. Itmay not have been a tight fit, but it was mostdefinitely a comfortable one.Because she was much looser than themajority of his previous lovers, Mary was able totake A.C.'s full length without any effort ordiscomfort. She lifted her ass off the floor as shepushed forward and seemed to pull him evendeeper. Already he had slid in and out of her adozen times, sending oscillating waves of pleasureradiating outward from her sexual core. Wavesthat became more frequent and intensive with eachadditional thrust.It wasn't long before the two werematched in a perfect rhythm. Each thrust beingmet by that of the other. Tiny droplets of sweatcovered the warm flesh of each of them as theylost themselves more and more in their sexualjoining. A.C. could feel that he was only minutesaway from a explosive climax. So it was with asudden disappointment that he suddenly feltMary's hands pressing against his chest, halting hisenergetic thrusts."What's wrong?" A.C. gasped."I want to fuck you!" Mary said, her browcovered with sweat."I thought you were." A.C. grinned."No, you're fucking me. I want to fuckyou!" she continued.A.C. finally understood and agreed with asmile. Easing the young man's firm body off her,Mary pushed him down on the soft carpeted floor. She spun around and mounted him. Her breastshanging above his face, he was able to reach upand take hold of them. With a firm grip on eachsoft mound, A.C. played with each nipple as shebegan to ride his ever hard cock up and down.?Oh yes....yes!!? Mary panted as she feltA.C.?s manhood fill her again and again. It felt sogood. It had been so very long since it had felt sogood.Pinned down by her weight and the forcewith which she slammed her sugar walls downaround his pleasure pole, there wasn?t much A.C.could do but lay back and enjoy the ride. Not thathe was complaining of course. It was the firsttime a woman had ever taken control inlove-making and he realized he could easily growto like it.?Deeper....deeper!...Omigod...yes!? Maryyelled yet again. Beads of sweat continued to run downboth their bodies as they began to rut like wilda****ls. . As she felt each new thrust of A.C.?scock, Mary thought of the countless nights she?dmasturbated thinking about how much she missedhaving a man. Breaths came in labored shortgasps and Mary felt her vision blur as what had tobe the most intense orgasm in a very long time sether body afire. Bright lights flashed before hereyes as she soared above that plateau that hadexisted for so long only in her dreams.Then as quickly as it had occurred, thesensation began to fade. Her vision cleared, andin the silence her heartbeat began to slowly returnto normal. But the memory would never fade. Itwould be something she would remember nightafter night."Oh God, that was so wonderful." Marymoaned as she laid atop A.C. and let her bodyrelax. A.C. reached up and gently caressed herbreasts, planting a kiss on her cheek as he did. His still hard cock slid from her.Reaching down between her legs, Marytook hold of his erection. She realized that she'dbeen so wrapped up in her own climax that shehadn't noticed that he hadn't shot his own load. A.C. was one of those guys who always took along time to come a second time."Oh A.C., I'm sorry." she saidapologetically as she stroked his cock."It's OK." he said as she kissed her again. "No, just give me a little time to get mybreath." she smiled back. "Then we'll take care ofthat. A half hour later, Mary was happy to sayshe was indeed ready to go at it again. She didn'tknow if was because she had been celibate for solong or the excitement of loving her almost-son. She only knew that if she was to have only thisnight, she wanted to make the most of everyminute.Running her hand across A.C.'s sweatcovered chest, toying with his matted chest hair,Mary had a sudden inspiration. She brought herlips to his ears and whispered."What would you think of a shower, ifonly to clean some of this off us?"It took A.C. a moment to realize thatMary had said "us" not "you". The idea that shewas going to shower with him seemed a morecarnal thought than had fucking her."That sounds wonderful." A.C. beamed."I love this!" A.C. said as he felt thecooling water splash against his skin. "It feelsgreat!"Mary joined him in the shower and wasinstantly in his arms. They kissed for a fewminutes, rubbing their hands over each other,letting the hot water cover their bodies. Theyeach covered their hands with liquid soap from thewall mounted dispenser and soaped up each othersbody.A.C.'s hands slid across Mary's body,playing with her breasts, pulling them to hismouth. Again he took his time, playing with eachnipple with both his fingers and tongue. Maryclosed her eyes, letting herself drift in delight. Itfelt so good. So right.They soon changed places and Mary tookone of her new lover's tiny nipples into her mouth,again showing him how erogenous an area theycould be. She reached down and took his onceagain hard cock in her hand."I want you to fuck me again." Mary saidas her soapy fingers slid up and down hishardness. "But this time I to try somethingdifferent. I want to give you something I've nevergiven anyone else.""What?" A.C. said as warm water randown his face."I want you to fuck my ass." Mary said."Your ass?" A.C. repeated in disbelief."Yes." she confirmed.A.C. couldn't believe it. With all the girlshe screwed, none had ever let him try that. It wasan exciting idea."Are you sure?" he asked."Yes, it's something I've wanted to try foryears. Ever since I saw it in one of thosemagazines that Josh keeps hidden in his desk.""You know about those?" he asked inamazement."Of course." she smiled. "There was littleI didn't know about.""Amazing." A.C. laughed."Should we do it here?" Mary asked asshe pressed her soap covered ass against his hardcock."I think it might be better on a bed." A.C.suggested, trying to hide the fact that he'd neverdone it before."Then a bed it is." Mary agreed as shegave his cock a playful tug.No sooner had they dried off and madetheir way to Mary's bed when the older womanhopped onto it and took up a position on all fours. Eager as well, A.C. climbed up behind her andran his hand across her ass-cheeks."I think we're going to need some kind oflubricant." he said, remembering an article heread in a magazine somewhere."I have something we can use in the nighttable." Mary replied.Leading him over to her night table, A.C.took out a large tube of K-Y Jelly. It wasn't thetube that surprised him as much as the large fleshcolored dildo that laid next to it in the drawer. This was truly a night for shattering his illusionsabout Mrs. Austin.Popping the lid off the jar, Mary reachedin and scooped up a generous portion of it withher fingers. First she smeared it over the head ofhis cock, then the base. That done, she slid a gelcovered finger into her ass, then a second, movingthem in and out. Evidently, she actually had giventhis a lot of thought. Finally, satisfied with boththe level of lubrication and tightness, she againtook up position on all fours and spread her legs.She pushed two pillows under her chest andlowered herself onto them. Her ass hung high inthe air, inviting A.C.'s entry. A.C. hesitated, unsure of how to proceed.In the "how to" article he'd read, it had said thatanal sex could hurt a lot if you did it wrong. Whatwas that saying he'd once heard. "If sex is a painin the ass you're doing it wrong!" "It's all right. I'm ready." Mary said as shereached back and again took hold of him, guidinghim to her smaller, tighter hole. "Here..." shesaid as she eased the head of his cock against theopening.Pushing forward, his cockhead slid insideher, her ass wrapping itself around the gel coveredcock. A.C. couldn't believe the tightness of herass, or how good it felt around his cock. A.C. hadbeen with virgins that hadn't been this tight. Heslid back a little, drawing it out about and inch,then two, then he thrusted forward and buried hisshaft deep inside her."Fuck yes!!!!" Mary yelled as she felt thepain / pleasure combination rip into her. "Fuckmy ass, fill it with that big beautiful cock!"As her hole relaxed more, A.C. began todevelop a rhythm, thrusting harder with eachstroke. Mary followed the rhythm, pushing her assback to meet each new thrust, until his nowengorged balls slapped against her ass. Her frenzyincreased with each new penetration, until shecould no longer speak, only utter a grunting noise. As one hand balanced her against the bed,the other had found it's way to her clit and shefrigged herself incessantly, adding to the firesraging within her. Feeling A.C. begin to tensebehind her, she managed through sheer effort toagain find her voice."Fuck me...." she panted in gasps. "Fillmy ass with that beautiful cum."A few seconds later, A.C. fulfilled herrequest as he experienced the most explosiveorgasm of his young life. Mary's sphinctertightened around the base of his cock as a fountainof cum rushed into her. Each additional thrustbrought more, until he was finally drainedcompletely. Then in exhaustion he collapsed ontop of her, his cock still inside her as if, evendrained, she was unwilling to get him go.The second session of lovemaking leftboth of them totally exhausted and they slept thesleep of the contented. It was early morningbefore either of them opened their eyes. "Good morning, lover." Mary said as shekissed A.C. awake."Good morning." the young manresponded as he sat up in bed and looked at thenearby clock. They looked at each other for a moment. Neither had to say it, they both knew that theintimacy that they'd shared mere hours before wasnot to be repeated. It would however live foreverin their memories."Breakfast will be ready in about fifteenminutes." Mary Austin said as she adjusted thebelt on her robe. "You have time to grab ashower if you want.""Sounds like a good idea." A.C. said as heslipped out from under the sheets and stood up. Strange as it seemed, given the events of lastnight, but he felt a little funny standing naked infront of Mary. He did however take note that shehadn't offered to join him in the shower. Thenight was really over. A.C.'s showers was brief and he steppedout of the bathroom ten minutes later. As hestepped out into the hall, he was so preoccupiedthat he didn't notice the tall figure standingalongside the bathroom door."I hope you had the decency to bring yourown clean underwear." said the deep male voicefrom behind A.C."Josh!" he said as he whirled around.The two friends exchanged hugs, it was asif it had been days instead of months since they'dseen each other. It took only a few minutes tobring each other up to date. "I hope you haven't left my bed the messyou usually leave yours in." Josh said as he took astep toward his room, the one closest to thebathroom."Oh shit!" A.C. said to himself, horrorflashing through his mind. Josh's bed was ascrisply made as it was the previous afternoon. Itwould be obvious that A.C. hadn't slept in it."I knew it!" Josh exclaimed as he steppedinto his room."Josh, I...." A.C. said as he followed him.Horror turned to relief as A.C. saw thatthe bed was an appropriate mess. Mary had eventhought of that. "..... I was just going to get to that." A.C.finished."Hey, I'm only k**ding." his friendlaughed. "Let's get down to breakfast."Breakfast was as good if not better thanlast nights dinner. By the time the two young menwere done, both of their plates were empty. A.C.couldn't remember the last time he'd had such anappetite.Mary was about to say something whenthe phone rang. Josh started to get up when shesaid she'd get it."If that's the office, tell them I died." hequipped.The call turned out to be from Mike Ford,one of the teachers at the school that both boyshad attended long ago. Mary still did somevolunteer work for the PTA. The conversationwas brief, merely a confirmation of previouslyagreed on plans.It was the tag at the end of their chat thatsurprised the two young men at the table."Oh Mike, does that offer of dinner stillhold for Saturday night?" Mary asked. "It does? Well then why don't you pick me up around07:30. Good, I'll see you then. Bye."Josh Austin looked at his mother in shock. Mike Ford, a widower himself, had been askingMary out for three months now. On every otheroccasion, she gave him the same pat answer - thatit was too soon. Josh had begun to think that shewould still be giving that same answer until longafter anyone stopped asking."What brought on this change of heart?" he asked. "Not that I'm complaining.""Oh I don't know." Mary said as shepicked up the two empty plates. "I guess A.C.'svisit made me realize that I should stop acting myage - or at least how I thought a woman my agewas supposed to act.""That's my friend A.C." Josh said as heslapped him on the back. "I always said you had agolden tongue.""I can attest to that." Mary said too lowfor her son to hear, but the wide smile on her facewas evident to all. THE END
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