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Ethel's dıscomfort 2

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ETHEL'S DISCOMFORT 2Ethel hung by her wrists while Harry and Rob left to get some rest. She nodded off from time to time but the fog of her mind cleared she realized that other than when they punched her she actually enjoyed the way they that fucked her so hard and so brutally. She enjoyed the helpless feeling as they ravaged her body. She believed that she could talk to the two men and they would release her without too much more abuse. She was wrong.As Harry and Rob drove back out to the warehouse they talked about the their plans for the day. Harry said I think I'm going to enjoy ruining those fun bags. Rob laughed and added Yea and her cunt needs to be punished as well that's why I brought this electric cord. They arrived at the warehouse and went in, Ethel was hanging naked and both men started to get hard at the sight of her naked body wearing only the garter belt and stockings. Ethel smiled and said hey guys why don't you let me down so we can have some fun? You guy were great yesterday, you sure know how to satisfy a girl. She added We can fuck, have a few laughs, I can suck your cocks and then you could take me home and you would have an open invitations to come over any time you wanted some old pussy. Harry replied that they would release her but only to restrain her in different positions to abuse her, She then pleaded If you don't release me the people will notice me missing and look for me, they care about me. The men laughed Only way they care is the men only think of you as a piece of fuck meat and the women would just as soon see you gone so the men would stop fucking you. This is one thing about which Harry and Rob were right. They lowered Ethel to the floor, her legs were weak and they had to steady her for a few seconds. Then Harry grabbed her tit and dug his nails into her painfully and yanked her over to the table and made her bend over and tied her hands to the table legs, her tits were flattened under her. Harry took a heavy leather strap and started to beat the hell out of Ethel's round ass. After five minutes Ethel was sobbing loudly and begging him to stop. For the next two hours Harry and Rob took turns beating her ass By the time they stopped all she could do was grunt. They flipped her on her back and each man Fucked her hard She barely knew what was happeGooglening . After they got their rocks off in her they spread her legs wide and tied them so she could not close them. Her legs were tied at ankles and knees. Rob took his electric cord to whip her exposed sex. The first vicious blow revived Ethel and by the third blow landed she was howling in agony. She continued to screech and wail until she was hoarse. They whipped her cunt for anther two hours. After the whipping the men once again fucked her swollen and terribly abused cunt. This time to the delight of the men Ethel was in agony while they fucked her and she begged them to stop. Ethel was helpless but she pleaded with them to stop and let her go. The men laughed and then Harry said I guess it's time to start working on her tits. Ethel now began to plead in desperation. Please not my tits she begged. but it was to no avail. Harry and Rob strung her up by her wrists and used her tits as punching bags. For an hour Using bare knuckles they beat her tits until they were purple. When they tired of the punching they tied her tits tight and hung her by her tits. Then they went and had a beer. When the men came back they showed a flicker of humanity when they cut her down and untied her tortured tits. They had brought submarine sandwiches and offered Ethel one. She hadn't eaten in thirty hours and was grateful for any food. Harry said Don't worry after we have eaten we will continue with the fun.They moved her over to the table and laid her tits on the table, again with bare knuckles they drove their fists into her abused tits. Next came the natural step in the torture of Ethel's tits. Harry said to Rob Get the hammer and nails. Ethel screamed No God No you can't do that. Harry laughed I think we can. Rob held Ethel's left tit and Harry took one 3 inch nail and placed it just behind the nipple and drove it through the tit and hammered it into the table until the head of the nail was firmly against the tit. Ethel howled in agony. Rob grabbed Ethel's right tit and they repeated the process. Ethel's tits were now firmly attached to the table. Harry grabbed Ethel by her hair and threatened If you don't cooperate I have some 9 inch spikes and I'll drive them right through the center of your tits. Rob brought an axe handle and they proceeded to beat her tits with the axe handle. After an hour Ethel had passed out from the pain so they stopped. It was no fun beating her if she wasn't screaming and begging for mercy. Rob said Oh look she pissed herself and they laughed. Harry said Too bad she passed out I wanted to stomp on her tits with my hob nailed boots. Harry said tomorrow I think we should try and see how she handles electric shock treatment. hey left her with her tits nailed to the table.
04-06-2021, at 10:00 PM

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