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Mala - The Village Lady - 6

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Mala - The Village Lady - 6Time ran so fast. Rahu as well as Gogo finished their studies. They started working in MNC. Rahul had tight schedule, he left home around 10am and returned in late night. Rahul completed his 22 years. When I asked for marry, he just relaxed and said, ?Mom, after marriage, you are alone again. I need a free minded girl.? Then I was speechless. One day I visited Rihan?s home, who was also settle now in Mumbai. His family same as before. His younger brother dauther named Alia was also 20 years old now. She was open minded for sex as she lived with her family. I discussed Rihan for marriage of Rahul and Alia. He not objected even his family member had any objections.I talked with Rahul and invited her to our home on sunday. I introduced them and said, ?Rahul, Alia is actually a girl, whom you search for marry. If you both like each other, we ready for your marriage.? Rahul asked her, ?Alia, you have any problem if I continue my sex relation with Mom.? Alia smiled and replied, ?Rahul, why your mom oonly, you can relation with my mom too.? Next week, they married in court. We celebrated with our family and some selected friends. Gogo said to Rahul, ?Bro, you get the very mast bhabhi.? as he very much aware about Rihan?s family. Alia said to him, Naughty bhaiya, you can marry with my younger sister. She is also hot.? Gogo smirked and replied, ?Bhabhi, I like you more than your sister.? Rahul said to Gogo, ?Why are you horny this time? Alia is free minded girl, you come any time when you need, yaar!?Next three days, they both engaged in sex, their loud moaning, made me very horny and thirsty. I lost my control, so I asked Rahul, ?Bachche, you forget you mom??? Alia smiled to hear me, she said to Rahul, ?Rahul, why not we sex here? Alia made me nude and removed her cloths too and said, ?Mom, everything under CCTV, so we upload face less video to your account after sex session.? She asked me again, ?Mom, you like abusive words like Rahul.? I shocked and said, ?Rahul or anyone never use abusive words, Alia.? Alia replied to me, ?Abusive words increase your followers and make sex amazing.? We agreed for this. Then Alia said to Rahul, ?What are you listening madarchod? Come and fuck your randi mom and bazaaru biwi.? I was just listening and enjoying her words. Rahul started sucking my vagina. Alia said again to me, ?Sali randi, moot de is chut ki pissu ke muhn me (what you think, piss in his mouth)? Rahul drank my piss meanwhile Alia sucked his and made it hard. Alia shouted on Rahul, ?Chal bhadwe, chod de apni randi mom ko (Fuck your mom idiot)? Rahul fucked us one by one and left his semen in Alia asshole.Only in a month, Alia was in frustration, she said to me, ?Mom, it is very difficult to manage sex with dick. I need and I think need too more dicks now as Rahul not fulfilled our desired same time.?I thought that she was exactly like me, she needed lot of sex like me. She said, ?Mom, come and upload our video to your kinky savvy account. It may help to attract more guys for paid sex or sex friendship.? Then we both selected good videos and uploaded on website after hiding faces.One message received after sometime, ?hi, kinky savvy, what is charges of the girl in your video??I wrote, ?25k for a single sex session.?Next message flashed, ?You have place??I wrote. ?NO?Again message flashed with address, ?Check your account, and meet me.?My account credited with 25k, so we both moved to said hotel room at sharp 1pm as he said. A newcomer body builder type boy opened the door and asked, ?How can I help you??I introduced myself, and then he allowed moving in. He said, ?But I only pay for this girl not you.? I smiled and replied, ?I am in complimentary, use me or ignore.? Then we did threesome till 3pm and then returned back to home.? Alia was quite happy now, and said, ?Mom, what a wonderful noon this is, I love to do same every day.?
04-07-2021, at 10:43 AM

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