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Afternoon Delite

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Afternoon DeliteI remember felling funny that day, it was a Saturday, and I had a rare afternoon shift at the fast food place where I worked. I had this creepy feeling, there was something I wanted, something that I couldn't put my finger on and it made me somewhat cranky with my fellow workers. It was slow, really slow and a couple of times I saw the manager looking at his watch, and surveying the store and our lack of customers. We had washed everything that could be washed, wiped everything that could be wiped, swept and filled our supplies when Chet, our manager said, "Okay folks, I've put if off as long as I can, I'm afraid I'm going to have to let someone go home. We just are not doing any real business. Anybody want to volunteer to take off. The crew kinda looked at one another, all of us were needing what little income we were making on this job, but before you could say "Katie bar the door, I pulled off my hat and apron, "I'm outta here I declared, heading to the lockers to grab my coat. Wow, Jeff, I don't remember you ever volunteering to go home early he said with a smile. Well I said zipping up my parka, today is the day. I punched out and stepped into a cold dreary afternoon.I started walking towards the bus terminal thinking I could get there not long before the dus I had to take, but I found that my feet seemed to have their own destination in mind. More specifically I found myself wandering down the street towards the Arcades. Yeah, the Book stores, dark inviting chambers where I could watch movies of women and men doing sexual acts that so far at s*******n I could only dream of. When I opened the door and stepped in, I do believe I was smiling. I went to the counter and dug out a fiver to give the clerk for tokens. He stared at me as I approached, reached out and took the money. "You got ID on you boy?" he asked, I said yep" took the tokens turned and walked into the booth area. Maybe it was the weather, being damp and blustery outside other businesses were letting people go "early". There was am unusual amount of men standing in the hallways, leaning out booths or pretending to study the booth movie offerings posted on the walls. Without hesitation I walked to what I considered my favorite booth only to find that the red light outside of it was on, someone was inside. I was about to step into another booth when someone stepped out of the dark corner of the booth, older guy, little shorter than I holding a very tumescent dick in his hand. He startled me at first, I glanced down and saw his hand wrapped around himself, his "weapon" seemed charged and ready for action. He didn't speak, but stepped back and shook it at me. With a nod and a wink he invited me in, and I went, not taking my eyes from his cock. Go ahead, he said, touch it," Mesmerized I took it from his hand, felt its warmth, felt the pulse of his heartbeat through its presence in my hand. It seemed the ideal weight, longer than mine and just a little thicker. He put his hand on my shoulder as I began to stroke it, "yeah, he whispered, that's it. I looked up into his face, he had a satisfied smile, gently he moved his hips in time with my stroking. I held him with one hand and opened my jacket with the other, stuffing my hat into my pocket I continued our little "dance." C'mon, he said, taste it, I hesitated only a moment, then before I knew it I'd dropped to my knees and reached out and licked that pulsing mushroom head. He rocked forward, brushing my lips and I gently kissed it again but did not let it enter my mouth. He took a half step forward and I brought my lips to the head and he rocked forward, I allowed half of the head to enter, then a little more, then, he slid in and I engulfed that head and part of that stem. "Hmmm, he moaned, rocking in and out and I allowed more and more to enter until he was at the back of my throat. We both waited a moment, him enjoying the warmth and wetness of my mouth, I enjoying both the taste and texture of his male member. I glanced up at him, he was watching me with a devilish smile on his face. "Ready he asked?" I nodded, and he began to gently rock too and fro. My tongue did a dance on the underside of his stem, and around the head as he withdrew. I would tighten my lips as he moved forward, my mouth beginning to fill with saliva I rolled my head from side to side. He went deep almost causing me to gag and stopped. Undoing his belt he allowed his pants to drop to his ankles. He kinda bounced side to side then placed both hands on my shoulders, I heard him chuckle a bit and felt him rock forward into my throat. Just as I was about to gag he withdrew all the way. "Again, he muttered moving forward, not fast, again to the back of my throat, holding it, then backing out. When he came forward this time he with hands behind my head pulled me towards him, he went deeper, and held me momentarily. I braced myself on his thighs and again he withdrew, took a wider stance, hesitated and as I rolled slowly from side to side flexed forward. As I shifted slightly something seemed to pop, and he was in my throat, my nose was buried in his stomach as he had no pubic hair. As if this were a signal he retreated, then attacked again, and again, each time going as deep as he could. It felt good, it felt right, I varied my suction, and worked his head to my cheek and guided it to my throat. I was aware of my own hardness even as I worked on his feeling it rubbing against my pants. "Ja, he said, ja, very good, damn good. He kept thrusting and I reached around my hands on his bare smooth ass. His tempo of strokes increased, and he seemed to be getting even bigger in my mouth. Oh, oh, ja, he said some words I couldn't understand, his forearms tight against my ears. he drove deep and held on......mmmmmmm oohohohoh shhhiiittt. The eruption happened when he was really deep, and it was massive. At least the first three spurts went directly into my stomach, he shook and tried to withdraw, but I had my finger in his rectum and he seemed to spew even stronger. slowly he withdrew, my mouth filling with his seed and I swallowed. Slowly he withdrew and I continued to lick and suck his slowly softening member until it was clean. He leaned back against the wall, seemingly spent and I looked up smiling at him from where I knelt. It's been forever, he said, forever since I've had an experience like that. For some reason I was a little embarrassed, he shook his head then bent down and pulled his pants up. for some reason I reached out and touched his flaccid cock. "Thanks I heard myself say, he stopped and touched my face, No, he said, thank you.For some reason I stayed on my knees as he dressed and left the booth, I felt shaky as I got to my feet, i felt a large cold spot on the front of my pants and laughed as I knew that I also had cum. I was about to leave when I saw the door to the boot open farther and a rather large man filled the doorway. "Wanna share a movie? he asked jostling the change in his hand. I was about to close and zip my jacket when the gentleman stuck a token into the machine, reached down and opened his fly, Ya know, I watched what happened, out popped a very fat, very hard penis, do you think you can handle this?" I glanced at my watch, if I left now, I'd have to take the next bus anyway. I removed my jacket placed it on the booth chair and went to my knees.
04-07-2021, at 10:43 AM

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