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Cinema sex in the UK

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Cinema sex in the UKWhen I was still a young man, unable to drive or smoke or drink, was the time I discovered the joys of porn cinemas.It was in the mid 70?s and all towns had them.. one in particular called the Curzon, was situated at the end of all the shops. On a Sunday when it was quiet in town I would catch a bus and head there. I was so nervous the first time.. wearing grown up clothes and trying to look 4 years older than I was... an old woman at the cash desk took my money and I asked for 10 cigarettes and a box of matches... I made my way up the dim lot stair and at the top was the gents and ladies toilets... I quickly opened the gents door and headed for a cubicle for some toilet roll.. on doing so a couple of men who were at the urinals were quickly shuffling about and I had no idea what they were up to.on entering the cinema I could hardly see... my eyes adjusting quickly I noticed the back row was full of old men coats over their laps and rest of the place had random men pitched at a distance against the wall or mid row... there was a few of two guys sitting together but I thought nothing of it.i took up in a row about three from the back in the middle... I removed my jacket and placed it on my lap...turning to the screen it was my first view of a natural hairy pussy (although today I am a smooth natural fan). The girl in question had a very short skirt on white shirt and was lying on the bed with a man who was opening her cunt lips up and slipping a finger in...I could also see his hard cock pushing into the side of the woman...this man my own cock begin to stiffen and as I looked around I realised that the majority of guys in the place had coats over their laps and a rubbing sound echoed around the auditorium.i rubbed myself thru my jeans, but being a young man I quickly started to produce precum. As I did this and watched as the guy on the screen was having his shaft sucked and teased by the teenage porn star whore my com was soon rock hard.I suddenly was aware of a man smart dressed in suit edging his way down the seats towards me. I panicked and sat bolt upright..he sat beside me and I was thinking to myself you have the whole cinema so why sit with me?it soon became apparent as I sat with hands above my coat on my lap, he began to run his leg up and down mine. I moved away but he moved closer... he then slipped his right hand down his leg, under my coat flapand onto my thigh! I was terrified. Do I stand up and walk out or what- I was frozen...I focussed on the man on the screen he massive cock now penetrating this young girl the first time I had ever seen this apart from in a porn mag... I was so turned on!i looked down and saw the man in the suit had been wandering about with his flies undone, and with a flick of a finger he had released his hard cock on show in the cinema... he was now moving his hand onto my crutch.he could feel the dampstain through my jeans and also my hardness.. I was so young and innocent and this had never happened to me before..he fumbled with my zip and slipped a hand in pulling my boxers to one side and so easily releasing my cock...I was soaking wet with excitement... I just sat back as he teased the slimy cock head and stroked the shaft in time with the girl being fucked in the big screen..a few more pumps and fuck.... I shot a massive load all over my trousers and jeans... there was cum everywhere.he smiled at me removing his soaking wet hand.. popped out his hanky wiping away my cum... slipping his cockback inside his pants and moving away...I quickly stuffed my coxkback in my pants and holding my jacket over the front of my trousers made my way to the gents... I was standing under a dryer when a man walked in and said I hope that I enjoyed that as much as he had watching me cum... he stood at the urinal and unleashed his cock which I was now transfixed with... fuck this was the start of weekly fun here?s and the start of a life of porn and transvestism and the love of poppers... from the day I first went I am now a regular at many throughout the world and enjoy nothing better than a good filthy session with another filthy cunt.
04-15-2021, at 09:32 AM

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