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My friend Dale with benefit Part 5

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My friend Dale with benefit Part 5I was beginning to discover that Dale had all the equipment and know how to satisfy her black stallion. I did not mind satisfying or experience her sexual lust for me. In the time Ellen was away Dale and I had several days to put our agreement into full force. We went at it like two horny teenagers taking advantage of every chance for the next sexual escapade. I enjoyed the time with Dale. There were no complains from Dale either.I had left to go to the supermarket when Ellen arrived home. By the time I returned Dale had already talked to Ellen. When I open the door Dale and Ellen was there on the couch laughing. Dale was wearing a pink baby doll, Ellen was wearing a blue baby doll . They was a bottle of wine on ice on the coffee table. Then Dale said that this is the first chance for the three of us to have a toast. So I made a glass of wine and passed it around. As I held the glass up Dale and Ellen did too. As Dale said, ?a toast to the three of us living together. May this be the start of a wonderful time we will have together. May we enjoy each other?s company in a fun and relaxing way.? After the toast we took a sip of wine we started to give each other a house warming kiss. First I kissed Dale, then I kissed Ellen then Dale kissed Ellen. As the three of us relaxed on the couch getting more tipsy by the minute. With me in the middle of two marvelous ladies I could not be happier. My goal is to filling the need of both of them and show them the best this man has to offer. And for them to make my dreams come true.Just then the phone broke the quite. Since Ellen was closer to the phone she answer it and gave the phone to Ellen. It was Ellen?s friend who was sick. Ellen gets up and continues the conversation in the other room. This leaves Ellen and I alone on the couch. Just as Dale got out of sight, Ellen took off her robe then she poured a bit of the wine that she was drinking from onto her bare shoulder as she reached for my head. I began to lick the wine of off her shoulder which was making a line down towards her breast. But before the line arrived at her breast it was licked up. It tasted better coming off of Ellen than it did coming out of the cup. All the time Ellen was enjoying the feeling of my tongue licking her this way. I could taste the wine but also my nose picked up the fragrances of Liz Claiborne perfume coming from Ellen?s body.As Dale cleared her throat we don?t know how long Dale was looking at us. Dale sat down in a chair facing us. The she said ?please continue ... I am enjoying this?. As we continue to have fun with the wine Dale had started to rub her breast and pussy. Both Ellen and myself could see that Dale was getting horny by watching us. Before long Dale was on her knees. As I was sucking on Ellen?s wet breast as Dale had my dick firmly in her mouth. Who said that you can?t have your cake and eating it too! For sure this man is!!!
04-15-2021, at 09:32 AM

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